Dr. Who: The Tom Baker Years

April 5, 2017 0

Back in the day, let’s just say after the coming of the hippies and before disco, I used to go to Science Fiction conventions with […]


Light My Fire by Katie MacAlister

March 23, 2017 0

Title: Light My Fire Author: Katie MacAlister Pages: 352 Genre: Fantasy I started reading Light My Fire, the third book in Kate MacAlister’s Aisling Grey Guardian […]

Amazon Ink by Lori Devoti

March 19, 2017 0

Title: Amazon Ink Author: Lori Devoti Release Date: May 26, 2009 Pages: 372 Genre: Urban Fantasy Best Book Quote: “Tatooing is a sacred business for Amazons – one exclusively performed by […]

Fate’s Edge by Ilona Andrews

March 19, 2017 0

Title: Fate’s Edge Author: Ilona Andrews Release Date: November 29, 2011 Pages: 384 Genre: Fantasy Romance Another excellent story has been delivered by the husband and wife writing team known […]