Aiming Yourself At Customer Bases

Customer Bases

Having a specific customer base is something that comes naturally with some businesses, as their products automatically appeal to a certain stereotype, interest group or age group – or even a mix of the three. Sometimes however you can change what customer base your business appeals to, by bringing in new products, sales ideas, or using a different image forms of advertising. There are many variables that you control as the owner of a business.

Establishing Yourself

According to Insurance 4 Motor Trade, the most important point is developing a name for yourself that customers and local people come to recognise will prove to be one of the most prolonged yet rewarding steps towards creating a successful business, and providing that you concentrate on your customer experience from day one, you should have no trouble in maintaining your “usual” customer base while maximising the range of your store/business’ appeal.

Keeping Up

The effects of changes that you make won’t be instant as you can imagine – it takes time for people that aren’t already aware, to become enticed by what you offer, but the time that it takes for you to see a difference will definitely vary from one industry to another as well – for example, if you had a gaming shop and an arts and crafts shop, then they changed the top products they have on the (metaphorical) table for less up-to-date ones, there would be a more negative effect on the gaming shop due to the latest games not being available.

Niche Appeal

If you have a very generic brand selling a wide range of products, you may not appeal to one specific customer base as much as other businesses due to the different types of product you stock. However, this could cover many niche groups or stereotypes rather than just one, so theoretically it can be seen as a positive element that you brands possesses, and still worked on if you are looking to reach out ever further. Any changes that you make regarding new products would not have the same effect on your business, as it would others, as your remaining product ranges would still bring in the existing customer base you have.

If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It

In certain circumstances, when a business is tied to a specific market, there’s not a great deal you can do to reach further afield into the world of potential customers, so if you find yourself struggling to come up with ideas to bring more people through the doors, it’s worth a shot working on the current customer base you already appeal to. Look at what other common interests your particular range of customers has, and plan how you could take advantage of that to build further on your brand.

Try and do something clever that relates to the industry you’re in, or set up an offer or promotion based on something going on in the outside world – come up with a special offer or something relatable so customers will feel encouraged to make a purchase. Some smaller businesses try collaborating with larger companies and organisations that relate to their market – it’s a simple method that could give you a lot more publicity and bring with it a lot more respect for your business.

Customer Perspective

Always think outside the box when it comes to customers – you have to put the shoe on the other foot and look at what they may want to see, and how they would like it to be presented to them. It’s usually the small details that make a difference to a customer’s experience – even things such as how a store or shop is laid out can determine what a customer thinks – masses of research have gone into determining how supermarkets of today are set up to get you thinking and buying on impulse, despite what you have on your list.


Overall, it comes down to the industry or niche market that you’re in, but the strategy lies in building a name and getting recognised, then working on the target audience that you have brought in naturally. Once there is a healthy number of customers that you can establish from the same “group”, then working on reaching out and coming up with ideas to bring people in from further afield won’t be considered so risky, as it shouldn’t affect the numbers you already have. Just play it safe and don’t take any risks – you have to remember that a customer base can be as easily turned away, as it can be brought in.

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