Amazon Ink by Lori Devoti

Title: Amazon Ink
Author: Lori Devoti
Release Date: May 26, 2009
Pages: 372
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Best Book Quote: “Tatooing is a sacred business for Amazons – one exclusively performed by women, for obvious reasons. Men just don’t have the same spiritual depth. I found it endlessly funny that in the modern world men had come to dominate the art. Of course, it also explained why most tattoos today no longer possess the power they should.”

Amazon Ink is an urban fantasy with a new twist. In Book One of the Amazons series, Lori Devoti introduces us to the world of the Amazon warrior in modern society. She details, with great skill, how the mythical tribe of female fighters lives in today’s world and how they exist without giving away any of their secrets. She introduces us to Melanippe Saka, a shamed Amazon warrior who left the tribe ten years earlier to give her daughter a normal upbringing. Even though Mel has left her tribe behind, she is always watched by her warrior mother and priestess grandmother – the tribe plans to keep an eye on her. Mel wants nothing more than to forget the pain that her tribe has caused her.

Mel has built herself a very successful tattoo business because of her unique magical skills in tattoo creation. She is doing just fine without the tribe and she wants it to stay that way but, unfortunately, that is not to be for Mel. Suddenly, dead bodies have started to show up on her doorstep. These bodies are Amazon tribe girls that in any normal circumstance could not be captured, let alone killed. Mel hides the bodies while she tries to solve the murders before somebody starts to blame her.

Add in a sexy tattoo artist named Peter who knows a whole lot more about the murders than he should and you’ve got the makings of an excellent urban fantasy. The character of Mel is engaging as she skillfully juggles the many problems that have arrived on her doorstep along with the dead bodies. Lori Devoti has given fantasy readers a true treat with this action filled mystery that has a twist of romance added in for fun. For the fantasy reader out there, this urban fantasy book is one that you will certainly enjoy.

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