Five Feel-Good Things To Do Right Now

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In today’s busy times, it’s easy for us to lose track of what is important. Spending all day at work followed by a long commute home, just to be faced with more chores and unfinished tasks on the home front—sound familiar? It’s not surprising that many people are too busy to intentionally cultivate happiness. If you’re struggling to find the joy in the every day, here are five things you can do right now to make you feel a bit better.

Move your body. Moving bodies are happy bodies. Whether you’re athletic or prefer the couch, our bodies actually want and crave movement. Even something as short as a 10-minute walk around the office during your break is enough to get you going. The rhythm of movement can either take your mind off of troubles or give you clarity for solving problems. Get out of your chair and take a stroll right now. If you don’t have the want to go walking outside, why not consider buying a treadmill? Read the reviews found here, and go for a jog in your own home!

Drink water. You know you need to drink eight glasses a day, but why? Our bodies are 75% water and we losing it all day long through normal bodily processes. It needs to be replaced! Drinking water keeps you skin moisturized, staves off headaches, and can even help us avoid pointless snacking. Have a glass of water and you’ll feel better instantly.

Do a task for five minutes. We have such busy lives and so many obligations that it can seem like we can’t get a single thing done. The reality is that you can actually get a lot done in five minutes. At work? Return a call you know will be quick. Reply to an easy email. At home? Empty the dryer and fold some of the clothes, or start tackling those dishes. Stop yourself after five minutes; even if the job isn’t done, you’ve made a start toward finishing. Accomplishing something, no matter how small, is a feel-good win.

Reach out. We all need human connection. Call a loved one for a quick chat. Send a text to a friend. Visit a friendly neighbor across the street from your home. Take a short break from what you’re doing and spend it doing something fun with your kids. Just a few minutes of positive interaction with another person can get increase our feel-good vibes. People are communal beings and we’re meant to spend time with each other. Make sure you’re getting some positive interactions today.

Cultivate Gratitude. No matter what our circumstances are, the minute we lose the ability to find something to be thankful for is the minute we’ve lost the game. Find three things to be thankful for. Write them down in a journal, speak them aloud, or keep them in your thoughts—the choice is yours. People who find time to be thankful start getting in the habit of being thankful. Be on the lookout for those positive things in your life, both large and small. An attitude of gratitude will bring an overall sense of joy as you go about your daily activities.

Feeling good doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. It doesn’t take much to lift your mood if you know a few simple tricks. Try a few or all of these easy and effective ideas to infuse some instant happiness into your day. Doesn’t it feel good?

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