Health Benefits of Playing a Guitar


Every great band has an amazing guitarist. The guitar is an amazing instrument that is expressive and diverse. A guitar can be a part of every genre of music (Classical, Blues, Rock). The most amazing thing is the health benefits associated with playing the guitar. The guitar can also help development social skills, personal skills, and professional skills.

Health Benefits

One of the best benefits of guitar playing is burning calories. This weight loss must include performing on a stage and not sitting on your couch.

Playing on your couch will strengthen your wrists and hands. Playing guitar can be relaxing which can lower your blood pressure.

Finally, research from a pain research center in Utah suggests that playing guitar can be a painkiller.

Mental Health Benefits

Learning to play a song from your youth can remind you of happy times. Positive emotions also can from playing the guitar.

According to The Box Tiger Music, “If you experience anxiety, playing the guitar can provide an escape from it. The guitar requires a lot of concentration and people find a release in this concentration.”

If you play the guitar, it can bring a balance between work and play. This balance can offer stress relief. Overall, playing the guitar will improve your focus and motor skills.

Professional Development Benefits

When learning to play the guitar, you have to consistently practice to get better. Typically, 30 minutes a day is recommended but often, once you start to practice you do it for a longer period. This practicing every day requires dedication. This dedication can be applied to other areas of your life which include work habits.

Another way guitar playing helps with professional development is by improving math and language skills. Yes, I said math. Music theory is built on math (scales and chords). Young children who learn to play guitar at a young age have shown an improved reading comprehension.

Personal Development Benefits

As already mentioned, playing the guitar helps improve concentration and focus. This improvement will help aid drive and discipline, also. Playing the guitar requires you to read the music, play the note, make sure the chord shape is correct, look ahead at the next notes, and listen to the note. This procedure is a complicated multi-tasking process that requires the brain to work in multiple ways at the same time.

Learning to play a new song can be an incredible achievement. These types of achievements can provide greater confidence in yourself.

Social Development Benefits

The guitar is a great party instrument. Guitars have been used to unite people forever. A person playing the guitar is the center of attention and can provide a new sense of popularity.

I met a good friend of mine when he was quietly playing his guitar in the corner. I loved the song he was playing, and so I went and sat next to him. This event happened over 20 years ago, and we are still friends. His guitar brought new people to his life.

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