What The Heck Are White Walkers?

White Walkers in the GOT TV Show
As we witnessed in the first episode of GOT, the Night’s Watch rangers had been hearing strange rumors from over The Wall about White Walkers. They’d been told that an entire tribe of wildlings had been massacred by white walkers and that their corpses had been left in the wilderness as a warning. A group of Night’s Watch rangers consisting of Will, Gared and Ser Waymar Royce set off to investigate.

After the group separates to perform the search, Will comes upon a campsite where it’s clear that a massacre occurred. After rushing back to tell the others what he saw, they follow him back to the camp only to find that all of the bodies have disappeared. Although doubtful of Will’s story, the three men are on alert as they make their way through the dark and snow covered woods.

While walking through the woods Will begins hearing something moving around him although he’s unable to see what it was. But then Gared (several feet behind Will) is attacked. As Will watches, Gared is beheaded by a large, strange creature. The creature doesn’t attack Will but instead throws Gared’s head at him.

Will has just met a White Walker.

White Walkers in the GOT Book
The White Walker is the television version of “The Others” mentioned by George R. R. Martin. While the producers of the show have not commented on why the change of name was necessary, fans hypothesize that they renamed the creatures in order to avoid similarities to the “Others” in the TV series Lost.

According to traditional wisdom, White Walkers/Others are legendary beings of ice that emerged from far North nearly eight millennia before. Legend has it that White Walkers speak a language known as “skroth.”

White Walkers/Others can also reanimate corpses. That’s why none of the dead bodies were around when Will brought his fellow rangers back to the scene of the massacre – they’d been brought back to life by white walkers/Others.

White walkers/Others are believed to have been defeated by a daring hero who carried a sword that spewed fire. After their defeat, the Great Wall of Ice was created with magic to make sure white walkers/Others could never come back to Westeros.

Although the Night’s Watch is said to have been established to guard Westeros from white walkers/Others, the people of Westeros presently believe that the Night’s Watch exists to guard their land from wildlings that live north of the wall.

Many in Westeros believe that White Walkers/Others never existed – or even if they did exist, the people believe that they are extinct since White Walkers haven’t been spotted for thousands of years.

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