Light My Fire by Katie MacAlister

Title: Light My Fire
Author: Katie MacAlister
Pages: 352
Genre: Fantasy

I started reading Light My Fire, the third book in Kate MacAlister’s Aisling Grey Guardian series, with some trepidation. In my experience the middle books in book series are usually not very good. The writer often runs out of new ideas and falls into a comfort zone. If not that, the writer goes on a “creative spree” and the characters are barely recognizable from how they were portrayed in earlier books. Thankfully, neither was the case with Light My Fire. The magic is still there and so is the humor which made me keep coming back for more of Aisling Grey’s adventures.

Aisling Grey is a professional courier, Wyvern’s mate, Guardian of the Gates of Hell, demon lord, and a pretty nice average sort of woman, if a bit clueless and clumsy at times. Aisling has a terrible habit of getting into all sorts of scrapes without having to exert any effort whatsoever. In Light My Fire, Aisling is enjoying a relatively tranquil existence in London. She’s finally found a Guardian mentor, Nora, who teaches her the basics of being a Guardian. Drake, her Wyvern mate, is nowhere in sight but she has Jim, her pet demon doggie, to keep her company.

Unfortunately, it’s not long until things start to unravel: on Aisling’s first assignment as a Guardian Jim eats the King of the Imps and the Imps do not take kindly to the fact that Aisling’s demon dog had their reigning monarch for breakfast, literally. In fact, they want revenge.

And that’s not all that’s going wrong in Aisling’s world: Nora is banned from mentoring Aisling and has to appear before a committee looking to punish her for showing Aisling some kindness. Additionally, the red and green dragon clans are at war with each other and Aisling becomes caught in the crossfire. Add a murder attempt, a kidnapping, a sexy Wyvern demanding her attention (and cooperation), and a missing toe or two and we’ve got ourselves a typical Aisling Grey adventure!

Out of all the books in the Aisling Grey, Guardian series, I have to say that Light My Fire is my favorite. The characters are all likeable, especially Jim the demon Newfoundland, and I loved how Katie MacAlister introduced new characters, developed the original ones and threw in a few new surprises without losing the essence of what made the first two books such great reads. In Light My Fire, Aisling and Drake’s relationship evolve somewhat. The sex scenes are still there (and hotter than ever) but Aisling and Drake seem to have progressed somewhat beyond the steamy hot physical aspects of their relationship to something more meaningful. Aisling, although still not the brightest bulb in the box, proves that she’s actually learned something from the events of the two previous books and from her mentoring sessions with Nora.

Light My Fire is definitely more fast-paced than the previous two books in the Aisling Grey Guardian series. There are so many things going on that it can make your head spin at times but the humor alone makes this book worth a re-read. If you’re looking for a light, funny novel with a paranormal twist (and a hot hero), read this and the rest of the books in the series. You won’t be disappointed.

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